LG cafe, Midlands Park- Siew Yuk Fan, Nestum Chicken, Sweet and Sour Fish Rice

Went to Gadget Zone and hope i get my laptop fix.. and i had to wait for a while for the PC.. and we get a bit and bite and the 1st floor of Midlands Park. The shop name is LG cafe. This shop is quite clean and tidy and there are quite a number of choices of food to choose.

I ordered this which i see is kinda special- Nestum Chicken. The chicken is being fried with Nestum and the taste is really very nice. In this, the taste of Nestum is very strong which i really love it very much. They are well fried with Nestum but is a bit oily.

Dad ordered siew yuk fan.Dad claims is not much fresh as.. the taste is kinda weird and not so delighting. This is because we took it in the evening and perhaps the siew yuk (Fried Pork) is not as fresh as normal compared to the morning.

Mum ordered sweet and sour fish rice and this they fried the fish into thin pieces and add them with rice and fries. Not bad but jus kinda hard on the fish. Maybe because the fish is fried too long.
Overall the taste is nice… except fr the siew yuk fan.
Taste: 3/5
Price: RM 20

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