Kim Shan- Sar Poh Fish, Mango CHicken and Vege

Went to Kim Shan fr dinner again. The rest is located at Relau. Love there for makan as food are nice and yummy. Today, we ordered a few dishes. One of it is mango chicken. The mango chicken is kinda nice and oishi. .. as they put lots of mango sauce as well as the mango is fresh mango which is fresh. The taste is kinda crispy. This is where the chicken is deep fried and they pour the lemon sauce and slices of mango on it.

As usual, mum ordered this one which is the vege. Dono the vege name.. but not bad the taste… is just normal goreng la.. just stir a bit wif oil like dat lo.

Lastly, dad ordered his favorite which is the Sah poh Fish . the Sah Poh Fish have lots of ingridient in it which includes fish of course, mushrooms, veges, as well as taufu. Daddy love them a lot.. and the taste is nice.. not so salty. The fish is deep fried first before it is being poured with the sauce.
Overall the bill is RM 45 for this 3 dishes
Taste: 4/5

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