Jelly fish Pasembur @ Food Court, Batu Lanchang Market

– The stall-

Ho Cheak had recommended this stall .. and I had tried them fr a few time.. not always I will go dere makan but mostly my dad will ta pau dem back for me.. haha.. Today I had a chance to grab my opportunity to makan dere.. since I accompany them to the market at the batu lancang road. This stall is located in the food court beside the Batu Lancang Market.

You can spot it as it has the Ho Cheak sign on de stall itself. I ordered it.. and now they have a price hike.. gosh.. everything is getting expensive d. This stall is special as the pasembur here is served with jelly fish. Is just an extra ingridient for the food.. haha.. As usual, pasembur is served with cucumber, as well as mengkuang and also some fried tau kua and some fried heh chi. As the taste is very nice..where after they display all de ingridients on the plate, they served them with a kind of sauce.. which have a combination of chilly sauce, tomato sauce and some special sauce. One thing special of this stall is they serve them as well with jelly fish.. haha..

Oh ya, the stall is open during afternoon till about 6 evening ..

Taste: 4/5

Price : 2.70 fr normal one and RM 3.50 fr the one with jelly fish.

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