Hamidiah Nasi Kandar @ Chowrasta Market

Nasi Kandar can say is one of the famous food in Penang.. and one of the famous nasi kandar in Penang besides Kayu will be Hamidiah. This shop had been recommended and been published in The Star Newspaper not long ago.. not much to describe on the shop.. as it is an old shop located at Chowrasta Market. The Nasi Kandar of this shop is originated from South India.

This shop is famous for the curry- Curry Chicken and the curry fish. The curry are been cooked in big big pots .. and the chicken are not big drumstick like the Chinese. The curry is truly the lemak style of curry from India the style and the taste incredible nice. Besides curry chicken and fish, u can find mutton and more. ..as well as murtabak which is one of the India delicious delights.
This time dad and mum ordered a few dishes of curry from the shop which is 3 pieces drumstick , 3 curry fish and 3 curry chicken .. and 6plates of rice that cost us nearly RM 50 for all. The taste is incredibly nice and oishi.

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 50


  1. penangite says

    Hameediyah is definitely not Nasi Kandar. Indian muslim food in Penang has 2 distinct categories. One is the entrepeneurial curry-mix type originated 60 to 70 years ago (nasi kandar) and the other is the restaurant dish-based type originated from 100 years ago in Penang. Hameediyah is from the latter. Do not confuse one with the other.

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