Big Apple Donut @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Good deals… There is a newly open donut shop in Gurney and looks by it, the sales is a lot lot more than the Missy donut. I had knew that missy had closed in Qbay Mall.. This donut shop big apple had been opening many branches.. jus hope Pg will have more choices of donuts from not only Apple but also JCo which is my favorite..

Promo in Big Apple was gorgeous. With a purchase of a cup/ tea u get a free normal donut..but the donut normal also cost RM2. Haha. I bought donuts and bought de coffee as well..and de taste is real nice. I love the donut very much. Is kinda different..not bad this time compared to the few months ago I took in KK and KL. Wat I ordered is Durian donut and peanut donuts. The taste is superb. I love the Durian as the taste is nice and fresh..and wat u need to eat them asap.. cannot keep one.. so I buy them and take dem as fast as I can … haha.. no waiting .. wif jus 2 donuts and a coffee ……. I am real full. The taste of durian donut is nice where they pump the durian fillings into the donut..and the durian feeling is very creamy as well. Very fresh donut creams

That’s a day .. wif 2 nice donuts.


  1. Catherine says

    Oh I saw that shop last week when my hubby and I were visiting there. The shop was crowded. Wonder you were within the crowd too??

    Thanks for adding me and I have included you in my Malaysiaship Links. Do keep in touch and share more interest Malaysian delights!

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