Tom Yam Yong Tau Fu @ Yee Hong

Is makan time again and had Tom Yam Yong Tau Fu @ Yee Hong.. Usually Yong Tau Fu is mostly come with clear soup but this time it comes with tom yam for you to choose. Yong tau fu is somekind of lok lok as well but it can consider that it comes wif more hygienic way lo.. cause you are not sharing wif people.. so u choose wat u wants and they come in a bowl with the ingredients. Yee Hong Yong Tau Fu is kinda not bad taste.. and the price is also reasonable. I mostly love to order tang hoon with tomyam and put few piexes of fishballs, mushrooms and wantan that cost me about RM 4 a bowl. I ordered one is tom yam.. is not very spicy though and the taste is nice as well.

Oishi.. desu

Price: RM 4

Taste: 3/5

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