Murukku known as Chakli in Marathi and Chakri in Gujarati, is a savoury snack popular in India, Sri Lanka, Fiji, and elsewhere among ethnic Indian populations. Murukku is believed to have originated in Tamil Nadu, with the town of Manapparai best known for it.

Murukku is typically made from a mixture of urad and rice flour, salt, and flavourings such as chili, asafoetida, ajawain, or cumin.The mixture is made into a batter, mechanically extruded, formed into a spiral or coil, and fried to a crisp. Murukku can also be rolled into a flat ribbon (ribbon murukku) or shaped by hand (kai murukku).

It is especially popular among the Indian residents of Fiji, and Indian Fijians in North America. Murukku is traditionally enjoyed as a treat on the Diwali holiday

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