Bidor Pun Chun Kai Zai Peng (Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits)

There is two types of Kai chai Peng.. one is more slices and one is a bit big one.. and the one I prefer is the bigger one.. not so crunchy. It is from Pun Chun Kai Chai Peng.. It is now can be found not only in Bidor it self but you can get them in many stores and malls. I spotted them in some malls in Penang like Gurney Plaza as well as Sunshine Square . This one is the packing and the taste is nicer where you can taste the inside of the Kai Chai Peng and as well as the fillings.. It is selling at RM3.40 per pack

Taste: 4/5

Price: RM3.40

Address: 38-40, Jalan Besar, Bidor, 35500 Perak (Opens from 5 am to 10 pm daily)

Tel: 05-434 1554, 05-434 1562

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