Missy Donut @ Gurney Plaza

Missy donuts had been open widely in Penang.. it had opened for nearly few months in Penang.. but i din try them yet till today.. i grab some of the flavors in Missy.. em.. wat i can say is there are not much choices compared to Big Apple, or Dunkins donuts.. the taste overall is not bad.. i bought 6 donuts of different flavors costing me about M 12-RM 13.. the price is ok and the taste is not bad.. just don have a lot of choices of it :( They should have more choices .. i think so.. haha.. so i can go fr more.. since less choice.. em.. mostly not lo.. and the bun taste not as nice as Dunkins as well.. haiz…oh ya.. their branches at Gurney Plaza, and one in Queensbay Mall

Price: RM 2- RM2.50 per donut
Taste: 3/5
Service: 3/5

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