Pizza Hut Sensasi delights

There is a new promo on Pizza that had made me feel like going there to have a try on this new food.. Sensasi delights.. Wat can i say about this food? NOt really nice as i was expecting.. I ordered.. Curry chicken set as well as the Pizza.. the Pizza I ordered is Lime Chicken Pizza. makan Makan.. at the Giant Shopping Mall.. at where.. Bayan Lepas.. after shopping at there.

-The Tissue, the Fork, Spoon, and Knife-

Here comes my drinks… Pepsi.. is my drinks.. i never realize can refill one now.. Lucky Jun tell me.. or not i also dono.. they have refill so i din order so many cups.. haha

– Pepsi drink-

Em.. here comes the soup.. Today is the Mushroom soup.. very nice.. and yummy and today is better.. dono why.. I felt sometimes the food is nice sometimes not.. but today ok lo..

Thats the curry chicken rice.. OMG.. so small plate.. not the same.. as the booklet.. jus 2-3 pieces of chicken.. really not worth it..and the taste is not nice.

At last, the main one.. pizza.. the ingredients only a bit and the taste is not nice at all.. weird taste.

AT the end.. it comes the garlic bread.. not bad..

Taste: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Environment: 3/5

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