BBQ Chicken @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

BBQ Chicken, i had taste it .. and is so so only.. comparable i think the nice one is not BBQ Chicken for me.. but Kenny Rogers Roasters. Is kinda expensive RM 23 per person wifout drinks and the sidelines.. is not as many as Kenny Roasters.

Thats the view of the place we bee.. it is at Gurmey Plaza.. and the place in not as cozy as I expected. Thats the view and the place is just ok nia.

Thats wat i ordered… Ice Lemon Tea. The Lemon Tea is not bad.. and is cooling as well..

mash potato is jus as normal one like de one selling up at GSC by Maggi only.. not really nice..
And I ordered this Jerk BBQ Chicken.. and wat they provide is mash potato and coleslaw.. the

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