Dim Sum @ Maxim, Taman Pekaka

Morning.. Sunday.. thinking of having HK Chee CHeong Fun all of a sudden and at last went to .. Maxim @ Taman Pekaka, the same place wif Chao wang As well Jade Sea Palace. IF u go dere Saturday and Sunday, it is always packed wif people. Finding seats aladi took us about 5-10 minutes.

Wat i ordered ?? Many..

1. HK Chee Chenong Fun


The taste is fabulous is RM 3 and there are lots of big big prawns inside .. I think got 3 lo.. and the taste is fabolous.. and also is not that starchy.

2. Hah Kau


The Hah Kau is not made of meat but prawns as well.. No meat at all.. all pure prawns and when u put on ur mouth u can felt the juice from the prawn will be delighting u

3. Siew Mai


Not much to say. .. cause all Siew Mai is nearly the same.. nothing special

4. Fish Balls


Fish Balls is one of de a must yummy food in the shop. so, is also very delicious. Overall is yummy as well.

5. Siew Long Pau


This is a shanghai delicious.. and inside it has a bit og small prawns (ha mai) and need to eat wif ginger. This one is ok.. but i still love the one in Dragon – I



I love the Pau and there are many meat inside as well as the taste is yummy. Other than that, the skin is not that thick so u can feel eating the meat more than eating the skin..


7. fish Ball wrap Taufu


Nothing special.. jus normal.. so for me.. is nothing realli nice on this one. :p

8. Sotong fish balls wif ginger


It is real nice and very special. Much recomended. If u are the fans of ginger it will be very nice.

Taste: 4/5
Environment: 3/5
Price : RM 30

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