Baskin 31 Robbins Yum Yum Ice Cream @ Qbay Mall, Penang

How would u can resist a yummy nice ice cream.. a special and delicious ice cream from Baskin 31 Robbins.. it is great to have them wif 31% discount.. but I took dem wifout discount.. Any way is real nice.. wat i scoop in..Yummy..

Choice NO 1: Rum and Raisins… a must in Baskin 31 Robbins..
Choice NO 2: My Favorite Peppermint
Choice No 3: Tiramisu..

Hehe.. is so so so so yummmy.. thats my choice.. and is RM 19 for the three scoops..

– My Yummy Ice cream Choice-

Food: 5/5

Price = reasonable

Service = 2/5

Environment 3/5

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