roTi BoY

Finally RotiBoy has landed in Penang. By now, the novelty of a hot, crispy on the outside, soft inside coffee and butter flavoured buns have wear off.

Over here, in Penang, the Rotiboy outlet has a cozy corner for teh tarik and coffee. The shop is in the basement, two shops away from Sushi King. We were tired out from a day of shopping and plonked ourselves down at their sofas for some Mexican Bun and teh tarik. And it seems when u pass nearby dere.. the smell of the roti really indulged me

The size of the Mexican bun seems to have shrunk and it is less oily than I remember. It has been a long time since I ate a Rotiboy. Comparing to PapaRoti, I prefer Rotiboy. But the funny thing is PapaRoti costs the same, i.e. RM1.80.

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