2nd Revisit- TOWN Steamboat Restorant

This is my 2nd attempt of going for steamboat buffet at the TOWN Steamboat Restorant along Mc Callister Road. :).. There are many things to eat.. and today is cooler compared to the 2nd time we went.. last week.. not describing more.. wat I see and ate fr this week.. Not writting in words.. lets see… wat yummy food are there today..

IMG_1976 IMG_1978
– Egg Tart- – Fried FishBall Rolls-
– Fried Dim SUm-
IMG_1980 IMG_1981
IMG_1986 IMG_1988
– Choices of Food to SteamBoat-
– The soup : You have TomYam.. and Normal Soup-
– The shark fin soup alike (* quite yummy but no shark fin)-
– Some food I took to Steamboat and BBQ-
IMG_1996 IMG_1997 IMG_1998
– Some choices of Dim Sum they have-
IMG_2006 IMG_2017
– Wat I dump in de soup-
– Wat I BBQ-
IMG_2020 IMG_2022
– Desserts ( The Jelly and ice creams they have)-
Yummy yummy.. is a yummy one .. and I am total full.. need to diet di.. or not getting fatter!! Haix.. :)

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