The Garden’s Ferero

A new packing and choices for chocolate lovers. The Garden's Ferero is now available with 3 new flavors of nuts. There are Coconuts, Hazelnut and pichachio. The price is quite expensive if you are purchasing in local market. The taste is really different from the normal one. Overall I can say is … [Read more...]

Tablerone Choc

Taberone chocolate is one of the nice chocolate you can grab on store. This chocolate is simply delicious ... but not too expensive indeed. It is much more than recommended. Overall I can say is oishi and nice.Taste: 4/5Posted By : StrawberrY GalHomepage : malaysianfoodie … [Read more...]

Hesley Kisses Chocolate

Oishi des chocolate.. i love Kisses chocolates a lot.. cause the chocolate really cute small one. .. and the chocolate taste is pure. The one i love is the combination of white and dark chocolate which u can taste the milky taste. I bought them in Langkawi.. cant imagine.. how much it sells in … [Read more...]

Black Forest Chocolate

chocolates again.. haha.. last few weeks, Karen went to Langkawi and bought me a bar of nice yummy chocolate which make me grow fat.. haiz..but the taste is really delicious. i thought she will buy me sea shells or perhaps langkawi stuff but ended up choc .. not in my expectations. thanks a lot … [Read more...]

Heshley chocolate

Heshley chocolate is sells in pack and is very nice.. there are a few types but the well known one is the dark and the combination dark and white chocolate. For me, I prefer the combination chocolate. Is not that bitter. The chocolate is like a circle pyramid type and there is a pc of small paper at … [Read more...]