Roti Babi @ New Cathay

Roti Babi is famous in this New Cathay Coffee shop which is located along Jalan Burmah opposite Bellisa Row and next to EON Bank. The food here is nice and delighting where you are able to find a numerous nice tasty food in this shop. One of the famous one and recommended one is the Roti Babi from … [Read more...]

Roti Babi

Roti Babi is also one of the yummy favorites in Penang.. I had tasted many places of Roti Babi.. but this one is nice cause de fillings is real food.. not like some other place is not full fillings..This stall is located at the food court opposite Peng Hua School in Pulau Tikus and de aunty also … [Read more...]

Food fr whole day

Minutes.. and minutes pass.. today wake up late than usual so i can skip part of my breakfast but i do take a little today.. started wif my day.. wif my pc for sure and mails are like many from frens.. so take up my days replying mails awhile.. Thanks fr cring me.. so i had made the blog to update … [Read more...]