Ipoh Big Tree Noodles located in their new branch in Klang Valley had captured my attention during my latest food exploration in SS2. Haven’t been visiting there for almost half a year, the place had indeed have more eateries to look for includes cafes and more. Located just a few blocks away from … [Read more...]



Located in the Old Town of Ipoh, there goes one of the old coffeeshop- Yik Sun Coffeeshop which served a great Hakka Mee. With no fancy decoration or neither big billboards, the humble kopitiam alike normal but they are specializing only on Hakka Mee itself. Being that, we are glad to grab the … [Read more...]

Meals at Sun Hin Loong, SS2

Sun Hin Loong which is located at SS2 is also a place you can get nice food besides at the Wai Sek Kai. For a change this time we went there for our dinner.For me, I ordered the Hakka Mee, which is quite nice. Hakka Mee is one of the famous Hakka dishes. Hakka Mee is mostly having pork on top of the … [Read more...]

Hakka Mee @ Yik Sang, Ipoh

In my trip to Ipoh, this time dear took me for a beef/pork hakka mee. It is located at the old town of the Ipoh City.It is said to have a well long history with good and dedicated cook on the beef / pork Hakka Mee.During this trip, we ordered the hakka mee which is simply delicious. The mee is full … [Read more...]