The restaurant was recommended by a blogger, YH which featured in her BLOG. The restaurant was rather quiet, old but had a number of articles framed and hanging on the walls. There is a look of an old house like you can find in Penang. The restaurant is more alike home cooked food.Curry Fish … [Read more...]

FUNKY VILLA, [email protected]

Funky Villa, a place that gives many surprises; is situated in [email protected], few doors down McD. A place that total experience can truly meets its match! Not an ordinary thai dining experience you have countered. No statues, no carvings, basically you step into an “authentic thai cuisine” experience with … [Read more...]

Meals @ Zanmai Sushi, 1-Utama

Zanmai Sushi is one of my favorite and I had been addicted to it. When ever I think of Sushi.. I will be perfectly crazy and my selection will be the one in Zanmai. So for this time, me and dear was indulge with soft shell crab and we ordered a softshell crab sushi for a try.I can say the Crab Maki … [Read more...]

Meals at Sun Hin Loong, SS2

Sun Hin Loong which is located at SS2 is also a place you can get nice food besides at the Wai Sek Kai. For a change this time we went there for our dinner.For me, I ordered the Hakka Mee, which is quite nice. Hakka Mee is one of the famous Hakka dishes. Hakka Mee is mostly having pork on top of the … [Read more...]