Sweet Celcious Patisserie brings you with awesome home bake mooncake!

For those who are big fans of mooncakes, and love to get some home bake mooncakes with love, Sweet Celsius Patisserie is one of the places you can find delicious and tempting mooncake for sure. And this time, we are honored to try their mooncake varieties.

And this time, they had released 3 choices of mooncake packages where one can have the Tea Time Mooncake Gift Set, Joyful Mooncake Gift Set and the Durian Mooncake Gift Set. Awe are loving how the packaging is done where they are using paper box is their packaging which comes pretty sweet and elegant.

We started off with their Tea Time Mooncake Set which comes with the delicious blend of petite mooncake. One can enjoy the Yam Lotus, PuEr Tea, Yolk Pandan Lotus with Chicken Floss and the Purple Sweet Potato with Mochi.  They are sides with their signature pastries such as their pineapple tarts and also their madeleines in it. Each item is carefully selected with love.

Asides from their TeaTime Mooncake Set, one also can have their delicious  Joyful Mooncake  Gift Set. The  Joyful Mooncake Tea Set is completed with the awesomelicious delicious mooncake which is packed with the 4 pcs of Mini Traditional Mooncake, 2 pcs Musang King Snow Skin Mooncake and 2 pcs Musang King Mochi.  The mooncake comes heavenly where each bites of the traditional mooncake comes with the velvety texture of the mooncake. For the durian Musang King Snow Skin Mooncake and the Musang King Mochi, they comes with the QQ Texture which brings you with the melts in the mouth sensation. It is just so nice and heavenly which makes me wanted for more.

Fans of durian, you can have the Durian Mooncake Giftset. The Durian Mooncake Giftset is a perfect gift for fans of durian where the gift set is completed with 4 pcs of musang king mooncake and 4 pcs of musang king mochi. Each of them are just awesome with the fragrance of durian in it as they are using the premium durian flesh from Raub. I am loving each mouthful of the durian blend which is pungent and eating them is just like eating the fresh durian. Yummz!

For those who are looking for the insta friendly beautiful mooncake, you can consider getting them from Sweet Celcius Pasteries where they offer you with the awesome packaging which is not just elegant but their mooncakes are delicious too.

Now, they are offering FREE DELIVERY for purchase of RM 80 and above and delivery will be within 3 days. They provide free delivery for the below location:

1. Damansara

2. Petaling jaya

3. Subang jaya

4. Puchong

5. Shah Alam

6. KL



9.Seri Kembangan


Check them out at https://www.sweetcelsius.com/

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