Editor Picks: Ten Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes In Klang Valley (2020 edition)

Since Mid Autumn will be here soon, we are here to bring you with our TOP 10 SELECTION of Mooncakes.

1. Grand Imperial

Grand Imperial always impressed us with their creative mooncake and this time, we are falling in love with their selection of NEW mooncake where you can enjoy their newly released snow skin mooncake. Their mooncake comes impressively good and creative!

2. Shangri-La KL

Famed for their mooncakes, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur is often our choice of mooncake to have. In here, one can enjoy till the fullest with their wide selection of mooncakes from their snowskin and baked skin selection. Their mooncake always impressed us with the thin crust and generous portion of lotus. Nice one to go!

3. Intercontinental KL

Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur is one of the hotels which brings you creative mooncake. With their tip top quality mooncake as well as creative design, they offer you with wide selection of snow skin mooncake and baked skin mooncake. Intercontinental Hotel KL brings you with the perfectly indulgence mooncake where you can have their signature mooncakes such as Green Tea Paste with Tiramisu, and Pomegranate Snow Skin with Teo Chew Yam Paste and Single Yolk!

4. EQ

EQ is one of the hotel mooncakes which definitely worth to recommend. Not only their mooncake boxes come elegant but they come with the selection of mooncake which is worth to go for. And one must try is their Mini Snow Skin Mooncake. The mini snow skin mooncakes comes with choices of include White Lotus with Dried Fruit, Yuzu Pandan with Pumpkin Seeds, Taro with Red and Black Goji, Snow Skin Green Tea Red Bean with Mixed Nuts, Rose Lychee and the crowd favorite, Musang King Durian. And for me, I am truly in love with the variety chocies of the mooncakes and I love the thin skin and delightful flavours. I am impressed with their Yuzu Pandan with Pumpkin Seeds where every mouthful comes divinely good and with the light hint of yuzu.

5. New World Hotel PJ

As for this year, New World Petaling Jaya offers you with the beautiful collection of box as well. With their Tiffin Collection, it is worth to go for and what’s more is they come up with the best seller mooncake – LonganWolfberries – a sweet blend of the longan flavoured lotus paste base combined with fragrant wolfberries – a healthier creation. There will be three new flavours – Pomegranate Lotus, Blueberry Lava and Chocolate Tiramisu Lava. For a more guilt-free alternative, check out the Pomegranate Lotus and Longan Wolfberries mooncake.

6. Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Nobu Kuala Lumpur is one of the restaurants which is famed for their mooncake. And this year they brings you with their signature mooncakes. Each mooncake is beautiful curated and one can grab their selection of mooncake with the priced of RM 128 nett for a box. They are completed with the Green Tea Lotus, Black Sesame Lotus, Kabocha (Pumpkin) Lotus with Single Yolk and Red Bean Paste.

7. Dorsett Subang

Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel is one of the hotel which is worth to go when it comes to mooncake. And this year, Dorsett Subang surprise me with their Durian Mooncake which I am loving it so much. The durian mooncakes is beautifully encased with the pure durian paste  and every mouthful is heavenly.

8. Le Meridien Putrajaya

Want to have some kick of wasabi in mooncake, Le Meridien Putrajaya is the place to go for. In here you can enjoy some kick of wasabi in your mooncake which is something worth to go for. The superb signature creation includes the  Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Wasabi and Pistachio Paste, where they are a complete healthy option to try. It comes with the hint of aromatic blend of wasabi which is indeed a unique flavour to go for.

9. Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop surprise you with their wide selection of mooncake for sure. And this year, they are bringing you back their signature and must try mooncake. One can enjoy the wide selection of mooncake from Inside Scoop which include their famous and signature Unicorn Ice Cream, Durian and their huge SUPERMOON

10. CDLC

Famed for their artisanal ice-cream and iconic petits gâteaux, they are one of the best ice cream in Malaysia and the finest dessert works of art that Malaysia has recently seen and tasted.And this time, CDLC brings you with their awesome set of mooncake which not just pretty at the sight but also delicious. The set comes with 5 petite beautiful mooncakes which is just perfect at the sight.


11. Delightful Dolce

Are you a big fans of durian? If yes, this is one of the place to get your durian mooncake. Even though the packaging is not something fancy but it is worth to get them. Delightful Dolce brings you with the awesome durian mooncake where every mouthful of the mooncake is filled with the premium Musang King durian.

12. Hilltop Durian

Hilltop Durian is another place for you to get your musang king durian fix. Using the Raub Durian, they are absolutely an indulgence to enjoy their awesomelicious durian mooncake.

So, where to get your mooncakes? Here are some of the options to go for your mooncake craving.

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