Serendib @ GTower : A hidden jewel for Sri Lankan Delights !

It is perfectly a hidden jewel. We are not aware that G Tower fills you with surprises where they have the hidden Sri Lankan Restaurant at the lower level of GTower. And for those who are a big fans of Sri Lankan food, you will definitely in love with the food here.

The Story

The name Serendib comes from a long story. Inspired by influences from South Indian, Malay, Chinese, Arab and Dutch cuisines, and the many different ethnicities and cultures in the tiny island, blended together with indigenous ingredients and homely cooking techniques, Sri Lankan food has a taste unique to its own.

While Sri Lanka used to be known as Ceylon by the British, the Arabs affectionately called the beautiful island they visited ‘Serendib’. And this is how the shop name – Serendib comes about! Serendib brings you with the wide selection of dishes and each of it comes uniquely good!

Ceylonese Sambol Set (RM 10)
The Ceylonese Sambal Set is completely my favourite as they brings you with the fragrance and aromatic taste of Sri Lanka. Enjoy the Seeni Sambol, Coconut Sambol, Katta Sambol and the Curry Leaf Sambol. Each of it is perfectly paired and the aromatic taste of it is divinely good and delicious!

Fish Cutlet (RM 18)
The fish cutlet comes with the creamy bites of fish meat in it and they are perfectly deep fried till crispy and inside is juicy. The fish, potato and vegetables are perfectly mixed together with their imported spices and then coated with the bread crumbs with it.

Chicken Rotti Rolls (RM 18)
The Chicken Rotti Rolls are indeed my favourites where they are such as great dish to go with. The Chicken Rotti Rolls comes perfectly good with the awesomely minced chicken meat, potato and vegetables mixed with selected spices enveloped in bread and grilled till perfection.

Eggplant Sambol  (RM 6)
As for the salad, we tried the Eggplant Sambol. The eggplant is well deep fried till golden brown and then mixed with the fresh onions, chili and dash of lime juice and salt.  The taste is really good especially the aromatic and crispy bites of the eggplant.

String Hoppers (RM 8)

Coconut Rotti (RM 5)

Puttu (RM  10)

And in here, you can enjoy your meals with the signature hoppers, coconut rotti or even puttu. They are well paired with the dishes prepared or having them with their sambol.

Sri Lankan Crab (RM 15/ 100g)
And one must have here in Serendib is of course their Sri Lankan Crab. Grab your choice of Sri Lankan Crab cooked in your favourite style either the Negombo Style, Jaffna Style, Keerimala Style, or the Crab Sothi. Each of the Sri Lankan Crab weighs around 1- 2kg each and their meat is very tough and good. To ensure for your delighting Sri Lankan Crab, do call them up to book your choice of crab. The crabs here are fresh and perfectly cooked with the imported spices from Sri Lanka.

Watalappam (RM 10)
We ends our meal with the Sri Lankan Desserts. Grab their choice of Watalappam which is absolutely a double thumbs up. The traditional coconut custard pudding made from coconut milk, jaggery, cashew nuts, eggs and variety of spices is just so good!

Sweet Appam (RM 4)
If you like something sweet, go for the sweet appam that is filled with the fermented rice batter, and coconut milk with the dissolved jaggery.

And you can enjoy a variety of Cylon Tea, Sri Lankan Beer and Lassi here.

G Tower, GTower LG 07 & 08, 199,
Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2181 4647
Opening Hours: 11 am – 11 pm (Daily)
GPS Location : 3.1588474,101.720070

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