Delightful and Unforgettable Taste of The London Roast Duck!

For those who are a duck lover, one must go for this awesome London Roast Duck! And in here, you will definitely enjoy them and you will come back for more too.

For those who are not aware, the London Roost Duck from Ming Palace is imported from overseas and this roast duck comes simply special where they are actually fed with natural soybean, wheat and maize, the duck comes with the aromatic meat, can well as succulent and moist texture.

And to prepare the duck, it takes almost 48 hours to make them ensuring that each duck is perfectly marinated with the spices before they are being roasted till perfection. This is to ensure that one can have the meat served in fragrant and yet aromatic blend with the pleasing to the eye texture as well. Perfectly it is well to entice us. And the duck is costing up to RM 188 nett per bird and RM98 nett per half duck.

And in here, they do offers London Peking Duck as well which is priced at RM 198 nett which consist of three (3) course meal.  And of course, you will be served with the peking duck together with the pancake and added cucumber, scallion and hoisin sauce which give a compliment to the taste. The skin is so crispy and juicy and it is addictive too.

And you can choose having your next course which is the Stir Fried Duck Fillet with Ginger and Spring Onion or Stirred Fred Duck with Chili Pepper and Salt. We tried the Stir-Fried Duck Fillet with Ginger and Spring Onion which comes simply delicious with the flavourful taste. Perfect!

And they also come up with the choice for the last course dinner You can have the choice of the Fusion delights or the traditional blend. For me, I love the Fried Spaghetti which is served al-dente with the light spiciness in it. Addictively good!

Else you can explore the Aromatic Fried Rice which comes fragrant on each mouthful bites, with the tender of the duck meat complimented each other, giving you with a perfect harmony and yet an exquisite flavors that many should explore.

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