The Pot @ Damansara Heights : Heavenly Delicious Hot Pot to Go!

The Pot is one of the restaurants in Damansara Heights which offer you with a  delicious steamboat that definitely makes you come back for more.  With the beautiful interior, the restaurant is furnished with the touch of Shanghainese feel and elegant interior.

Located at the first floor, walk up and enjoy the beautiful decoration where they  are beautiful decorated in myriad colors and attractive captions on the board. Sit down and relax with the hot-song during the 80s and 90s here as well. And in here, they also have karaoke room and private rooms  to offer to guest.

In here, they have the wide choices include the Double Boiled Pork Bone Soup (RM 22) , Drunken Chicken Herbal Soup (RM 22) , The Pot Szechuan Spicy Soup (RM 22) , Fresh Tomato Soup  ( RM 22) , Tomyam Soup (RM 22) and also the Mix Soup (RM 28) . As for us, we tried the Double Boiled Pork Bone Soup (RM 22) and The Pot Szechuan Spicy Soup (RM 22) which are really good. I am in love with both the soups base as their soups does not have any MSG and they just use salt to add the flavours. The Szechuan Spicy Soup is good enough but not like those China restaurant’s with a layer of thick oil, but is it is good and delicious.

Must order here is their meat! I am loving the meat selections here. Using the premium sakura pork, you will find  the meat comes more juicy and moist in texture. We love the Sakura Premium Pork Slice (RM 15 ( Half) | RM 25 ( Full)) , Sakura Pork Belly ( RM 13 ( Half)| RM 25 ( Full) ) which come real good and every mouthful are just heavenly. Swish swish the meat in the hot pot and you can taste the fragrant and juicy meat of it.  Don’t miss out their pork balls as well where they have them with the cheese in it. The ooziness of the cheese coming out with just a bite of it. Hu La La … That’s just awesome!

Not just that, for beef lover go for their Miyazaki A5 Wagyu (RM 190 ( Full)) or even  their Australian Wagyu ( RM 55 ( Half)| RM 95 ( Full)) or the Australian Sirlioin (RM 16 ( Half)| RM 30 ( Full)). Swish your meat and enjoy this heavenly delights all here.

Captured my attention is the Jumbo Sweet Chili (RM 18/ pc). The Jumbo Sweet Chili is something to look forward here. Using the huge long jumbo chili and stuffed with the fish meat in the middle, they are really delicious. It makes a perfect pairing with the soup and every mouthful is simply a perfect indulgence.

Asides from that, you should not miss out The Pot Specials which includes their homemade Truffle Pork Ball, Homemade Pork Ball, Homemade Prawn Ball, Homemade Chives Dumpling,  Homemade Prawn Dumpling, Homemade Shanghai Dumpling, Homemade Ebiko Fish Paste all from RM 9 onwards.  For me, I am totally falling in love their bouncy and juicy dumplings which is absolutely my favorite and divinely good dumplings. Yummz!



If you are looking for some seafood to go with your steamboat, of course you can go for their seafood selections as well where they offers ala-carte and platter set as well. You can enjoy the choices from fresh sliced fish, jelly fish, scallops, asari clams and more in ala-carte. Or, for more value for money go for their Fresh Seafood Platter (RM 388). And, this huge seafood platter are served with the pomfret fish, Abalone, Scallops, Jumbo Sang Har Prawn, Ebiko Fish Paste, Crystal Fishball, QQ Tauhu and Mussels. Simply worth for the money.

And every-time I am in steamboat restaurants, must have is of course the HK Beancurd Ring Roll (RM 25/box). Dip your beancurd ring roll into the soup within 3 seconds and take them up for a better taste.

While waiting for your steamboat to be ready, you can have some light snacks to go! They have delicious and yet addictive snacks to cater your tastebuds too. This includes their fried ebi prawns, Sze chuan peanuts as well as the Fried porky fries. And of course, I wipe the whole Porky Fries on my own as they are addictively good with the crunchy bites and I understand that they are using premium luncheon meat to make them.

Overall, the steamboat here comes impressively good with not just good food but great service too. Oh ya! They do serve sake as well in their menu to go with steamboat. Warm up your tummy before having the steamboat is another options to go for as well when you are at The Pot.

Checkout this delicious steamboat at The Pot now! and you will definitely coming back for more.

No. 122, First and Second Floor, Jalan Kasah, Damansara Heights (6.87 mi)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50490

Phone: 019-573 2277
GPS Location: 3.1501177,101.6527145