Celebrate Chinese New Year in German Style

For those who are looking for a different style of Chinese New Year dinner, why not heads to Brozeit to celebrate your CNY. Being one of the place for your German Beer and German Cuisine, Brozeit is indeed one of my favourite place to go whenever I think of having some German Delights.

And this year, Brozeit surprise me with their Chinese New Year promotion where they offers us with pork-licious lou sang. Enjoy this German creation with the crispy “chu yau cha” ( literally translate :deep fried pork oil), bacon bites, julienne of zucchini, stripes of carrots, radish, pickled ginger, pomelo, peanuts, and sesame seeds. And it is sweetened with perfection with Chef’s version of plum sauce. The whole dish comes awesomely good where it is simply crispy and addictive.

And after the tossing, don’t miss out their annual Lunar New Year Platter where they consisting of a half a slab of Brozeit’s Signature Honey – Infused Pork Ribs and the Crispy Knuckle, Half metre Thuringer Bratwurst in Brioche Bun Gypsy Belly Bacon, Garlic Sausages and Sides with the Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Garden Green. The set comes pretty huge  where it can fits for 4-5 pax.

Platter includes a carafe of festival alcoholic cocktail.

Porky Yee Sang : RM 55 ( Add on 100g of Smoked Salmon : RM 25)
Carafe of Alcaholic Cocktail : RM 68
Lunar Year Meat Platter ( with Cafade of Cocktail) : RM 238
“Porky” Yee Sang + Lunar Year Meat Platter + Cocktail : RM268

With this great deals why not hop to Brozeit to enjoy their Lunar Year Platter available until 2nd March 2018

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