10 Reasons why you should go for a Libra Cruise with Hwajing

It is not a first time we are in cruise and many of us would think cruise is bored, pricey and many more. But it turns out that taking a cruise for a holiday is a different experience all in total compared to taking a flight.  And this round, we have a cruise not 2 days 1 night but a cruise to Phuket which is just good for a short break. The 3 days 2 night cruise is not just a travel plan but one can expect more than that (Pss…t Save from arguments  due to travel plan changed )
1. Affordable Travel
Comparing to many cruises, Libra Cruise is one of the most affordable cruise to go for.With just from RM 699 per pax ( promo only available the month of AUGUST) ; one can travel without worries of getting their flight, hotel and everything. All food, accommodation and transportation are all –in. And don’t worry if you love to grab some additional stuff from the cruise. They are all billed in MYR not USD
2. Free Shuttle
Well, at times I am pretty lazy when I see the departing state is in Penang and it would be hassle to travel all the way day on your own just to enjoy the cruise. But booking with Hwajing will definite to include you with the shuttle transfer from Berjaya Times Square to Penang Port. You have no need to worry about the transportation to the port anymore for travellers who travel from Klang Valley.
3. Dine Like A Queen / King
ONLY with Hwajing, I can enjoy the “tai tai” life here. Romantic hi – tea experiences with your love one exclusively prepared for you. Have the romantic dining experience and hi-tea ( girl’s dream) in a cruise. Enjoy the view of the sea and have this lovely hi-tea refillable. Not just that, you can have the black coat servers with handgloves just like what you had in European Countries.  Well serviced and prepared.
4. Eat All You Can
With a variety of restuarant on cruise; dine the way you love too. No worries of getting hungry as they have meals round the clock prepared for you. Most of the buffets are included in the package unless you are looking for a more exclusive ala-carte dining.
Help your self with the International Buffet Delights to Chinese Cuisine and more.
They do offers Halal food as well which is ala-carte and with additional charges. You can dine in Spices where they will be serving you with the lovely authentic Malaysian and Indian Cuisine and they are award winning restaurant too. What I love is all the food served are without MSG
5. Grab the beautiful view of sunset and sunrise with your love ones
How long have you really have time to sit down, looking at the sunrise and sunsets? Perhaps, once or twice in maybe few years. As our life is getting busy and busier; we perhaps have no time to enjoy and look at the beautiful world.By sitting in cruise, you will have a chance to relax yourself and enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset
6. Swim, relax is all there
Swim, relax yourself in cruise. Have your sun tan or even dipped yourself in the Jacuzzi or get some nice swim there.
Not just that, you can actually go for some Zumba and Yoga activities too. Nothing but relax yourself! It is always a pleasure of having yourself relaxed and you will actually clear up your mind and after a cruise back you will actually felt a truly energised moments.
7. Slower your pace and spend time with your love one
As we are in the world of technology, perhaps we are addicted to our phones and due to our busy lifestyles in the city, we hardly really have time for our loves one. A cruise can actually changed many things where you will slow down the pace and have a relaxing mind to think about the future and also to spend time with your love one. All in one ship, have some time to enjoy some nice meal together either buffets or ala-carte.
8. Have a shop trip down to city like Phuket
For those who have more budgets, grab a local tour in advance with Hwajing Tours or on the board cruise sales person for a local guide down to Phuket.
Enjoy a 4 hours downtown trip if you love too where you can take sometime of going for a spa, massage  ( as low as THB300)  or even some drink, shopping and also some food.
– Eat like locals here-
It will be a fun short trip too before heading back to the cruise.
9. Grab some nice shows in cruise and go for some great activities
Enjoy some nice shows and activities in the cruise. Daily they have some interesting shows like “One in the Million” and also the Magic Show. You can checkout the Navigator for their daily activities.
10. Make new friends in cruise
We had make some new friends in cruise too. Have an enjoyable moments and perhaps you can also meet some wonderful people during the 4 days 3 nights journey in cruise.
For more information of the cruise, you can checkout with Hwajing Tours for more value packages for your cruising.
This 3D2N destination super value cruise package to Phuket departs from Penang every Wednesday and every Friday, starting from 4th August 2017, and available from RM699 per person. For more information, contact Hwajing Travel  & Tours
Hwajing Travel & Tours(Penang)
15A Rangoon Road
10400 Georgetown
Tel: 04 – 2293566
Hwajing Travel & Tours (Kuala Lumpur Headquarters)
Block N26
2nd Floor
Warisan Cityvview
Jalan 3/93A
Batu 21/2 Off Jalan Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel 03-92002929
And bid goodbye to Libra  where SuperStar Libra will be bringing her public cruise operations to a close on 27 June 2018 when she will be redeployed to facilitate other arrangements of Genting Hong Kong.
And Hwajing comes up with their  latest promo : “Kiss Goodbye Superstar Libra Promotion 吻别天秤星号优惠”
– KL Matta Fair offer “Pay 3Nights Upgrade to 4Nights cruise” from RM 618 per person

– Sailing Date: 1 April- 20 June 2018
– Packages included:

– Complimentary Hwajing’s Royal Hightea
– Basic Travel Insurance + Tour Fare Protection
– Hwajing’s Future Cruise Voucher worth RM100
– Hwajing’s 4Days 3Nights Guilin Holiday worth RM800

– Terms & Conditions Apply

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