Farquhar Mansion @ Georgetown

Farquhar Mansion is a contemporary fine dine restaurant inspired by the famed French haute cuisine.
 Since their opening on 6 July 2014, Farquhar Mansion brings you with the original essence of French in the heritage mission house of the 1870s. This round, we had the opportunity to dine in the
Amuse Bouche
Cod Ball | Bearnaise | Potato Noodle
Potato | Cream | Black Olive
Salmon Skin | Ebiko | Micro-Greens
The Amuse Bouche served with 3 little cute stuff on the plate. The cod ball comes simply appetizing with the crunchy bites at the outside and tender-licious meat in the inside. As for the potato. Impressively delicious. Don’t miss out the crispy salmon skin which is topped with the black ebiko at the top. As for the soil, it is actually chocolate crumble and ginger where the ginger taste is perfect to my tastebuds and the taste is not to overpowering.
Enjoy the Farquhar Mansion’s Multi Grain and Black Olive bread. Served with 3 types of butter which is the Sundried Tomato Butter, home-made Unsalted Butter and Herb Butter. The bread brings you with the crusty texture which is perfectly good and well match with the butter which is being served.
Scallops served with ikura , foie gras and edible flower.
Beautiful at the sight, the scallops. The scallops in thinly sliced . Topped with scallop skin and gold leaf. The taste comes simply refreshing and the ingredients are fresh. Love the beautiful presentation as well.
Wild mushrooms soup with truffle
Enjoy the warm mushroom soup, made fresh from the kitchen. The soup brings you with the creamy texture and topped with the truffle. Love the smooth texture of the soup and the fragrance of the mushroom.
Signature Starter
Foie Gras Flavour
The huge piece of Foie Gras imported all the way from France and sides with the apple chutney, ebiko together with the crispy bread and edible flower. Love how this Foie Gras is being done where it brings you with the melts in the mouth sensation and the taste is just superb.
Palate cleanser
Tomato sorbet with pomelo with a touch of yuzu
Chilean Cod
The delicious Chilean Cod is perfectly pan fried till perfection and sides with Lentils, Potato, Sweet Pea, Chieves and Yuzu. The portion comes simply generous as well the meat remains flaky and good. The taste is just awesome and I really love every bites of it.
BlackAngus Tenderloin
Enjoy the Beef Cheek Ravioli served with the Potato Cream, Onion Jam as well as Aspargus. Topped with the Beef Jus on top. The taste is just awesome where the tenderloin remains moist and juicy. This is just HEAVENLY
Pineapple cheese pinacollada with the topped of the macaroons.
As for the desserts, we enjoy the pineapple cheese pinacollada where it is topped with the macaroons and sides with the raspberry, caramelised pineapple. Deliciously good !
Address: No. 33, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 12 pm to 3 pm; 6 pm to 12 am (last order for restaurant dishes at 10 pm). Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 6019- 528 8933

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