For those who owns a Thermomix  and need more recipes for your cooking adventures, here you go. The brand new book English and Chinese language on Southeast Asian influenced Chinese cooking is finally shipping.

“This book, a collaboration between Olivia Tan and Thermomix Malaysia will continue to delight Thermomix fans around the world, to develop a deeper appreciation of Straits Chinese style cooking which is uniquely flavourful due to the pervasive use of spices and ingredients from the region.” JC Lim, Executive Director, Thermomix Malaysia.

With Olivia being a Chinese Hakka and Malaysian Nyonya descent, they had not just bring great recipes but also introduces the key ingredients crucial to recreate the same tastes with the Thermomix. And the book comes into reality now where you can try a variety easy cooking of dishes with Thermomix.

Steamed Chicken

And we had tried some great dishes with Thermomix where it just use less than an hour to cook and it is simply easy and no hassle at all.

Title: Cook with Olivia Chinese Flavours
Published By: Thermomix Malaysia | True Mix Sdn. Bhd.
Price: RM150
Point of Purchase:

 Note: All pictures taken by Casio EZ5000

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