Steaped @ Pavilion : A perfect tea for everyone!

Are you a tea lover? We had found a new shop selling great tea which are simply healthy and less sweet. With 2 outlets now in Klang Valley, Steaped brings you with the great variety of tea that you would definitely die for.
Steaped which is the tea company from Canada where they provides speciality tea, sold loose or served hot and also signature  blended ice tea beverages. Their teas comes with the attractive Western influence and they also brings you with numerous health benefits such as helping with diabetes, heart disease and weight loss. And this year, they has officially opened its door to Kuala Lumpur bringing you the delicious potential of the worldwide tea market in Asia.
In Steaped; you can find a variety of signature tea beverages with the based of green tea, black tea, white tea and also matcha to name a few. They serves a variety of different tea for those caffeinated to non-caffeinated based tea.
Watermelon Hibiscus  (RM 11 (R) | RM 12.50 (L))
Enjoy this combination green tea signature tea which is one of their signature. The tea comes with combination of green tea, watermelon and hibiscus.The tea comes simply refreshing taste and with the hint of watermelon in it.
Silly Ole’Bear.  (RM 11 (R) | RM 12.50 (L))
Silly Ole’Bear, a delicious and healthy blend of hibiscus floating on top soothing jasmine green tea and citrus orange. We love the citrus taste of it which brings you with the refreshing blend and not sweet.
Butterfly Lemonade (RM 11 (R) | RM 12.50 (L))
Combination of Butterfly Blue Pea and Lemon with it. Made fresh from the tea leaves and blue pea flower combination, the tea is perfectly good and nice. I love the tea taste which brings you a nice combination and every mouthful is fragrant.
Asides, if you love to get some tea home they do sell tea too.They have a wide variety of tea selection as well which is at the affordable range. Some of their teas are pretty unique and worth buying them for home consumption. I have get some too for my baking and drinking. Even for a gift to my dad too.  They have a nice tin packaging where you can purchase them at RM5 with every purchase of 100g of tea.
If you are looking for some tea cups, they do sell them as well.
P6.06.00., Level6, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall
Other location
Lot 4- 82 & 83 Sunway Velocity Mall, Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity

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