SodaXpress : Make your own Soda at home

Since hubby and our kids are big fans of soda water, we are trying to reduce the soda consumption which is purchase outside. And I found out SodaXpress which is something attract me. SodaXpress create fizzy sparkling water at home in seconds with first sparkling water maker in Malaysia. 
And being a health conscious mother, we would always think what the best for our kids and family. And we finally bought the SodaXpress where it is a sparkling soda maker. We spotted them some Chatime Outlet earlier and finally we bought them up to make our own version of carbonated drink.
Unboxing the SodaXpress PINNACLE Starter Kit It where it includes 
1 x Sparkling Water Machine
1 x Carbonating Gas Cylinder
1 x Carbonating Bottle
With these 3 items, bubbly water is just steps away! Browse through the manual once and surprised with the super easy procedures. No hassles of plug and socket and working with electric. You can bring them anywhere too as it is light. 
The machine comes simply simple; you do not need any electric and it is just 
1. Gently pull up from the hole of the back cover and…
2. pull it out. Put aside first.
3. Open the Carbonating Gas Cylinder Cap.
4. Then twist it inside the attachment that is located on the top part inside the back of the Machine that you opened just now.
5. Make sure all good and…
6. Close back the cover.
7. Fill in some cold water in the Carbonating Bottle until the shown water level mark on the bottle.
8. Insert the bottle into the dock & twist bottle until it clicks to lock
9. And finally the fun party, Push the button to “release” the gas inside the water! Push the button once. Then press the “rectangular” button on top of the machine to release/unlock the bottle. 
Now you have your own plain sparkling water that is ready to be use for many kinds of recipe!
This SodaXpress PINNACLE Starter Kit retails for RM399.00. The To find out more about this and shop online (FREE SHIPPING on order above RM200!) click here – . The SodaXpress Carbonating Cylinder refills can also be purchase there, check out the full collection here –

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