Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel Presents an Indulgent Taste of Italy: Classic Signature Tiramisu

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel presents its classic Italian dessert, tiramisu. Crafted with the finest ingredients to an authentic recipe, discover why this is the king of Italian desserts and a Marco Polo signature specialty.

Tiramisu is made with lady finger biscuits which are soaked with coffee liquor and layered between a smooth, creamy mixture of mascarpone cheese, egg yolk and sugar. Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel’s Pastry Chef Patrick See then sprinkles a layer of cocoa powder on top and decorates the cake with two thin chocolate wafers that have been crowned with gold leaf, irresistibly eye catching and decadent.

Soft and light in texture, the tiramisu is rich in cocoa on first bite, and the aroma of coffee and liquor will linger in your mouth. Eat it together with the crispy wafer for an unforgettable experience of the one of the world’s most popular desserts.

The signature tiramisu is now available at the cake counter of Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel’s Lobby and Cucina Italian restaurant. For takeaway only, the tiramisu is priced at HK$108. In Italian, tiramisu means “pull me up” or “take me away”; we welcome you to take away this sweet slice of delight at Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel.

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel’s Classic Tiramisu
Address: Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone:2113 3912 / 2113 0808

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