Kokoro Japanese Restaurant, Cheras : Kaiseki Set only RM 42.90

Kokoro comes up with great meals and affordable one this round with the delightful choices. Enjoy those delicious delights with Kokoro where one can enjoy till the fullest where you will not break your bank.
Kaiseki Set for Ladies (RM 89.90 (normal price)| RM 42.90 (ladies only))
The 7 course lovely delights is indeed a great one where the set comes with the appetizers of Saba Nanban Zuke where one can enjoy the delicious bowl of the bowl of soba which is completed with the smooth and velvety texture. Enjoy them with the some onion and lemon dash on top. Continue your meal with chef homemade somen soup. As for the mains, you can hop to grab the teriyaki set where it is served with the Toriyahata, Saikyou and Fuku Tamago. Next is the Ankake Tempura and continue with the Butakakumi and lastly Odamushi with Udon. Ends your meal with some Temari Sushi which is completed with the Inari, Salmon, and Shiromi. Ends them with Anmitsu.
Kaiseki Set for Man (RM 89.90 (normal price)| RM 49.90 (man only))
As for the guys, the set comes will starts with the great appetizers where you can enjoy the Sakananban, Edamame,and Tamago. After the lovely appetizers; enjoy your awesomelicious delights with the 3 types of sashimi with it. Feast the fullest with the fresh sashimi which includes the salmon sashimi, octopus and also the tuna. You will be served with the grilled salmon in foil together with some mushrooms on top. Continue your meals with the Curry Corocket where the Japanese rice is cooked till perfection and topped with the fragrant Japanese curry with potatoes in it. Chicken Salad comes next where it is well deep fried till perfection with the crispy edges and moist textures of the meat itself. Ends your meal with a bowl of hearty hot Tempura Udon before moving to the cooling sensation desserts.
Both the Kaiseki Set will be available till 28 February 2017 only.
And this year, Kokoro brings you with the Nabe Set (RM 168) where it comes with 3 side dishes together with the yee sang with it. Choose your nabe with the options of 3 soup where they have the dashi, soya bean and kimchi. Enjoy the wholesome nabe set where it is completed with the good-licious ingredients where one can have the fish meat, squids, scallops, prawns and their homemade meat ball in it. The soup base is awesomely good and sweet and we indeed love it so much. It is simply impressive and each of the ingredients comes fresh and good.
And now you can enjoy the fusion style of the Lou Sang this year with Kokoro as well. The lou sang comes awesomely good where it is filled with the fresh ingredients such as the salmon, tuna, radish, shredded carrot and cucumber and also jelly fish with it.
Mabo Tafu Ramen (RM 18.90)
Besides the delightful nabe; Kokoro also offers their own version of ramen which brings you with the bursting taste of spiciness in it. Enjoy the pipping spicy taste of ramen where it is using the combination of the mabo tafu to the ramen. Burst your spiciness with the normal, spicy and super spicy sauce of your choice.
Garlic Bacon Fried Rice (RM 16.90)
Enjoy the lovely bowl of fried ricw with the garlic bacon with it. Fluffy bowl of rice to be enjoyed.
Why not booked your table and enjoy the delights prepared by their experience chef
Address: 16, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, 56100 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-9133 9832

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