Shop for Magnum Ice Cream with 11Street

Being a big fans of Magnum ice cream, it is always happy to knows that their ice cream are bringing you with a great deal and promotions. And now 11Street having a great promotion where the ice cream can be purchased online and deliver to you up to your doorsteps.

And being a big fans of Magnum, you can get a variety of flavours from Magnum either the normal their signature product which is the  Magnum Almond Multipack Ice Cream (3 pieces), Magnum Pink Promogranate Multipack Ice Cream  and Magnum Black Espresso Multipack Ice Cream.

Checkout here

Mix and match all the Nestle Ice Cream and you can get them deliver to you. Furthermore, starting
from November 7, there is a promo on Walls Ice Cream with maximum 15% discount and free shipping for purchase with RM60 and above.Head on to today!

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