Sweet, sour and everything nice! Combination of sourish yogurt and sweetness of mango makes a great lip-smacking dessert. Have a slice of this awesome dessert, mango yogurt cheese cake at Melting Pot Café this November.

A layer of vanilla sponge is used as the base of the cake and covered with a layer of mango yogurt mousse. Pour in   the mango yogurt mousse and top it with another layer of vanilla sponge. Spread the balance mousse for the last layer and keep it chilled overnight. Generous servings of sliced mango are neatly placed on the surface of a vibrant glaze, along with some fresh berries and croquant on the side of the cake as the finale. Not too sweet, not too sour, the overall taste… is just right, perfect

Have this delight anytime, anyday… at RM15.00 nett per slice, RM110.00 nett per kg. For orders, please call Melting Pot Café at 2717 2233.

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