Easy Recipe : Panacotta


1. 150 g Cream
2. 50 g Milk
3. 1 no Vanilla Pods
4. 27 g Sugar
5. 3 g Gelatin
6. 15g Rum / Orange Juice
1. Boil the cream, the sugar and the vanilla pods.
2. Place the gelatine in water until soft
3. Then put the gelatine in the hot mix
4. When the gelatine is dissoleve, pass this mix into a chinois
5. Then add the rum
6. Before the mix set pour this mix into the dariol mould
7. Allow panna cotta to set for couple of hours before serving
100g Pineapple
1 Mangos
Few Mint Leaf
2 tb spoon Icing Sugar
Few Basil Leaf
50 ml Lime Juice and zest
1. Cut the Mango and Pineapple
2. Add chop mint and basic
3. Add lime juice and zest and icing sugar
We learned them from the Pastry Institute of St Honore
For the Video: Check out here

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