Fernleaf Shrines a New Light on Payasam this Deepavali

In conjunction with Deepavali on the 30th of October, Fernleaf had brought more happiness to family members where one can creates their home made Payasam in their home. Bringing you a simple recipes, in cooking the delicious desserts at home, one can actually learned them easily now.
Payasam is a must-have for all auspicious Indian occasions, and is a classic dessert. Although it is known in various names and is prepared using varied recipes, the main ingredient for Payasam is milk, usually thickened with rice or vermicelli, with ghee added for fragrance and sugar to bring it all together. Interestingly, Payasam in sanskrit means milk.

And this year, Fernleaf engaged Chef Annette Isaac, who is of part Indian and part Eurasian heritage, to create three wonderful ways to enjoy Payasam – the classic Fernleaf Payasam, Fernleaf Payasam Pudding and Fernleaf Payasam Ice Cream. These are some of the new ideas that we can use to create delightful recipes welcoming the Deepavali this year.

Fonterra brand not just bringing you with the delicious desserts to celebrate the Deepavali and now they do take note of providing you with the traditional desserts with healthier with the added nutrition of pure and natural dairy from New Zealand. It is also said by using Fernleaf Full Cream Milk and Gula Melaka to this recipe for Payasam gives it a richer depth and flavour compared to the classic recipe, and enjoying it in different ways such as in a jelly pudding and an ice cream adds more fun to the festivities.

Fernleaf’s Deepavali Cooking Demonstration was held to inspire consumers to rediscover the joys of enjoying Payasam and to find out how versatile and nutritious dairy can be as part of a daily diet.

Fernleaf’s Deepavali Onground Activities

Date / Time
15 October 2016 – 4.30 pm
Little India, Jalan Leboh Ampang, Kuala Lumpur – In
front Bank Simpanan Nasional
21 & 22 October 2016 – 5.30 pm
Stadium Shah Alam – Near the main stage
26 & 27 October 2016 – 5.30 pm
Little India, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur – Opposite
Lotus Hotel next to the Water Fountain Structure

Fernleaf will be sharing the delightful recipes through their TV, print and radio advertisements. Consumers will also have a chance to try the delicious Payasam desserts for themselves and get recipe cards at Fernleaf’s Deepavali Onground Activities.

Fernleaf Full Cream Milk Powder is formulated to support your family’s active lifestyle and it has two variations – Fernleaf Full Cream Regular available in 1.8KG (RRP RM53.45), 900g (RRP RM27.80) and 550g (RRP RM17.50) and Fernleaf Instant available in 1.1KG (RRP RM 31.00) and 550g (RRP RM 16.50) in most leading supermarkets.

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