Charlie’s Café @ Taman Desa: Awesomely delicious with lots of heart

Opened by Malaysian Couple: Sonny and Debra; Charlie’s Cafe is indeed a great place to for a good meal. The restaurant located in the neighbourhood of Taman Desa.
 Opened for 15 months, the restaurant had gain many reviews and good comments. And here we are to venture the restaurant to try their signatures.
Chicken Chop (RM 14.90)
One of the must to try is the Chicken chop. The chicken is being chicken is being brine for few hours and then it is then deep fried till perfection. The chicken remains crispy as it is and I love how it is done. It is served with cube potato and coleslaw. As for the sauce, it comes with 3 options where they have the Shitake Mushroom, Shitake Black Pepper and also the Cheese Shitake.  Love how the cube potato is being done where it brings me with the addictive bites and it goes well with the black pepper shitake sauce which is just superb. I am just loving the fragrant and the hint of the Sarawak Black Pepper which is used in it.
Nasi Lemak (RM 9.90)
Love some nasi lemak? Try them here and I bet you that you will get any plate of it. Using the traditional way of cooking, the rice is being cook with lemongrass, onions, coconut milk and ginger with it. With this, you are assured of the fragrant and creamy taste of the coconut rice in it. Sides together with the juicy and tender drumstick.


Sarawak Laksa (RM 13.90)
If you are a fans of Sarawak Laksa, you should be enjoying this. Using the paste all the way from Sarawak, the bowl of Sarawak Laksa is packed with the good serving of shredded omelette, chicken meat and prawns. The taste is just perfect and it goes well with the thick noodles which is being used.
Charlie’s Curry Laksa (RM 8.90)
Not a fans of Sarawak Laksa, then go for the Curry Laksa instead. The creamy taste of curry laksa where the brooth is cooked with crab, chicken and prawns in it. Served with the choice of noodles, mee and bihun all together.  Deliciously done with the twist of creamy taste in it. Love the taste of it!


 Durian Musang King Cheesecake (RM 16.90)
The Musang King Cheesecake is one of a MUST to have here. Using the premium ingredients which is imported all the way from France, the cake was velvety delicious.


Durian Soft Serve Ice Cream (RM 7.80)
Love ice cream? You must go for their Durian Soft Serve Ice Cream where the ice cream comes velvety good and complete with the aromatic with the D24 durian in it. Awesomely delicious!

And not just that Charlie’s Café has been blessing the community is through their Pay It Forward feature. This is a system in which café visitors would bless the poor with free meals. By contributing RM5 for each person, a hungry individual can come in, pick a receipt that had been contributed to the Pay- It-Forward Corner, and be blessed with a free meal.
Charlie’s Cafe & Bakery
29, Jalan Bukit Desa 5
Taman Bukit Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur
012-816 0003
Open from Monday – Saturday, 8am to 930pm
GPS Location: 3.110731,101.68555


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