The Autumn Specials Menu @ Grand Harbour, Fahrenheit 88

Grand Harbour is indeed one of the famous restaurant and they are famed for their delicious Chinese cuisine especially their dim sums and more. It is our usual routine place for their dim sum and even their stir fried dishes. All the dishes in Grand Harbour of course did not disappoint us though with the good quality food and affordable price.

Deep fried stuffed “Loh Bak” – RM20.00 per roll
Enjoy the crunchy bites of the loh bak where they are well deep fried till perfection in golden brown and brings you with the crispy bites at the outside and moist at the inside. Just love how it taste.

Deep fried Spring Onion and Prawn Paste Crackers  – RM4.00 per piece (Min. Order 6 pieces)
Enjoy till the fullest with their signature Spring Onion and Prawn Paste Crackers. The bites is perfectly delicious. What I love the most is the crunchy bites of it.


Double Steamed “Tian Ma” Fish Head Soup – RM14.80 per bowl
The double steamed “Tian Ma” Fish Head Soup is such an indulgence where the clean clear soup packed with all the delicious goodies. Enjoy the lovely soup complete with sweetness and the flaky meat in it. Each mouthful of the soup is divinely good where I could not resist to grab another bowl.

Deep Fried Spare Ribs with Special Red Dates Sauce – RM 8.00 per piece (Min. order 3 pieces)
The spare ribs is well infused with the special red dates sauce.The sauce comes amazingly good well infused into the spare ribs bringing you a fragrant aromatic taste in it.


Steamed Kampung Chicken with Red Dates, Black Fungus and ShaoXing Wine – RM40.00 for half chicken, RM80.00 for whole chicken
Enjoy the silky kampong chicken which is being steamed till perfection with the red dates, black fungus, and shao xing wine. The chicken is completes with the aromatic taste from the wine itself making our tummy drolling. Lovely meal indeed.

Stewed Bean Curd with Fish Paste and “Tau Kan” – RM18.80 (small), RM30.80 (Medium)
Stewed till perfection with the bean curd and fish paste, the dish is awesomely good with the savory blend and the gravy is pretty rich.

Fried Glutinous Rice with Crab (Advance Order required) – RM80 per portion (Served 5-6 person)
Enjoy their delicious signature glutinous fried rice where they are topped with the crab. The glutinous rice had a reasonably fluffy texture and every mouthful is simply good.

Why not heads to Grand Harbour for your autumn special experiences now.

Lot LG 2-01 & 02, Fahrenheit 88
Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL
Tel: 03-2141 1660 / 03-2141 1763


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