Goljade Cafe @ Manjalara: Salad Buffet with Main Course from RM 23

Goljade Café is indeed a nice restaurant and they comes with the café concept which is specializing in their very own western recipes from salads, soup, bread to charbroiled beef ribs.
 The dining style made especially for you and brings you with a great experiences on thier lovely western delights not to be missed. And in here, they comes with great western delights or nasi lemak (afternoon only).

And now with every main you ordered,

you will able to enjoy UNLIMITED salads and soup here!

Choices of salads, coleslaw, greens and more.
Mushroom Soup
Sauteed tomato with herb’s sauce (RM 15 (1/2 Dozen))
Love to have some bites  of spiciness in it? Enjoy those lovely delights where the mussels are topped with the sauteed tomato with herb’s sauce with it. Fresh mussels and well paired with the sauces. It is just a perfect combination.
Sausage Platter (RM 23) 
If you love to grab some sausages, go for their sausage platter where it comes with six different chicken sausages and it is served with the crinkle – cut fries and grilled cherry tomatoes
Garlic Steak(RM 39) 
Love some steak? Do try their awesomely delicious steak which is served with the golden fried garlic on top. Accompanied with it, is the crinkle cut fries and mix vegetables. ENjoy them with the black pepper or mushroom sauce.
Charbroiled Sirloin Steak (RM55) 
Love to get some steak. Go for their Black Angus Steak where it is well served with the french fries,mixed vegetables and also the choices of black pepper or mushroom sauce with it. The steak comes tender and juicy with the succulent meat in it.
Norwegian Salmon (RM27)
For fish lover like me, i also pampered with the slice of Norwegian Salmon. Enjoy the lovely grilled salmon which comes simply flaky in texture and it topped with their home made dill sauce. Accompanied with the french fries and salad with it.
Charboiled Chicken (RM 23) 
The Charboiled Chicken are well served with the BBQ Sauce and accompanied with pasta and mixed vegetable. I love how it taste especially the juicy bites of the chicken and also the moist texture o the meat itself.
Charbroiled Lamb Chop (RM 28) 
Lamb Chop here is worth to try here. Serving you with the generous portion, the lamb chop also comes with the choice of black pepper or mushroom sauce in it. It is also being accompanied with french fries and salad with it.
Aglio E Olio Seafood (RM 27) 
Being a big fans of pasta delights, get this awesomely delicious pasta where the spaghetti is being tossed with the extra virgin olive oil, mixed garlic, dried chili and accompanied with squid , green mussels and prawns. I just love the pasta so much where the pasta are well cooked till al-dente and ingredients are fresh. Nicely done with the light hint of spiciness in it.
Ala-Carbonara (RM 25.00)
If you love some bites of creamy delights, go for the ala-carbonara where the pasta is packed with the choice of assorted mushroom, beef bacon or turkey ham.
Set Lunch – Nasi Lemak (RM 13)
Set Lunch are also available in their selection. Goljade Café brings you with their signature set lunch which is the nasi lemak. The Nasi Lemak set lunch only available from 10 am  to 2 pm. They comes with the choice of chicken, beef rendang, and lamb as well. Sides with sambal, ikan bilis, and hard boiled eggs. For me, I love the deep fried chicken where the chicken comes simple tender and juicy. It’s moist texture of the chicken is awesome and well compliments with the fragrant coconut base rice.
 Lychee & Watermelon Drink (RM 13)
And of course don’t miss out the variety choices of beverage such as the Goldeja Cafe Signature Drink, Pineapple and ginger and more. One must go for is of course their Lychee & Watermelon Drink

Overall, Goljade Café  brings you with a wide variety of western delights with reasonable price. Not just that, it is indeed VALUE for money with the UNLIMITED  salad and soup too.
Note: All pictures are taken with the Pendrive SD Card

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