Maggi Campaign Advocates Preparing Tasty and Balanced Home-Cooked Meals in Three Easy Steps

Having a fast paced lifestyle, one should get a balanced of food consumption because of their calories, and every meal counts. Acknowledging the importance of consuming a balanced and nourishing meal, Maggi had launched today its 1,2,3! Where this campaign is held in Tesco, Mutiara Damansara.

According to the recent study, 64% of Malaysian eat at least one meal outside a day where they finding it home-cooked meals is a hassle. With the new campaign, MAGGI aims to combat this misconception, by sharing their easy way to prepare tasty and balanced meals at home.

With this, we also get to know that MAGGI noodels can add with some fresh ingredient bringing you with the tasty and yet balanced meals at home. Encouraging consumers with these tasty meals and  the launch kicked off with a panel discussion which includes Malaysian Dietitians’ Assocation Council Member , Mr Georgen Thye, Nestle Corporate Wellness Manager, Ms Cher Siew Wei and also two mothers, Fadila Ibrahim, and Azie who shared real life insights when it comes to serving their family with balanced and tasty meal.

With MAGGI noodles, you are assured where the Maggi noodles is complete with the noodle cake which is made with real wheat , 100% from Australia, making it a great source of protein and carbohydrates, providing the energy to our body needs. Apart from the noodle cake, MAGGI noodles’ taste cam attributed to real herbs and spices.

During the event, MAGGI shares a fun cooking session where you can enjoy cooking a simple, fast and tasty Maggi Noodles dishes such as Maggi Kari Soup with Egg, Maggi Mamak Goreng, Maggi Murtabak and Maggi Ladna.

To further emphasise MAGGI ‘s goal in encouraging consumers to always opt for balanced and tasty meals, MAGGI joined forces with Tesco to provide consumers special promotions. Consumers got to enjoy a combo of 1 multiple pack of MAGGI M2MN & Tesco  eggs, for only RM 6.30 from 29th July to 31st July, making it easier to prepare a tasty and balanced meals!

And of course we will shares those recipes from Maggi for you to try at home making MAGGI a balanced meal.

Maggi Kari Soup with Egg
Maggi Mamak Goreng
Maggi Murtabak
Maggi Ladna


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