The New Menu @ Ippudo Ramen BSC

There are so much to eat in Ippudo Ramen in BSC. Tempt yourself with those new product which had released on 11 July 2016.

And now you can enjoy the tempting delicious fusion Japanese now at their outlet in Bangsar.

Mango Salad (RM 29.50)
Enjoy the appetising diced mango served with assorted vegetables and diced salmon tossed in yuzu dressing.  The portion indeed pretty generous with the myriad colors of the sashimi, cube avocado, cube cucumber, and more in one bowl. Love how the way it present and the taste brings you with the light zestiness in it. Very flavourful and good. I just love how it it is presented.

Amaebi Tartar (RM 34)
The portion of the delights comes simply good where the sweet shrimp is served together with the diced avocado ad wasabi dressing. Topped with the tobiko on top. Having this is indeed irresistible where you can taste the light wasabi taste in it.

Chicken Nanban (RM 16)
The chicken is well marinated and it is then being deep fried till perfection and served with the homemade tartar sauce with it. The chicken comes simply crispy and where you have them with the tartar sauce, the taste is enhanced further. No needs introduction, it is just a perfect match with the tartar sauce that goes with it.

Seafood Foil Yaki (RM 39.50)
Love some seafood, hop for their love seafood foil yaki. Comes with generous portion of ingredients. This brings you with a light spiciness where the seafood platter which comes with the mussels, shrimp, squids and scallops is served together with the spicy ponzu and assorted vegetables on hot plate. Such an appetising dish with the vinegar base but a spicier version.

Salmon Sushi Moriawase (RM 44) 
This just a perfect one for a sushi lover. The salmon stripe which is pretty long and portion is quite a decent one. Enjoy either raw, or had been pan fried. Sides with the lovely ikura sushi by the side. Nice one!


Mazesoba (RM 28)
This is just perfectly awesome-licious. Enjoy this awesome delicious ramen where it is the first “Japanese Styled Mixed Ramen” served with thick chewy noodles and 9 uniquely selected complimentary ingredients. A rich and flavorful taste with a hint of spiciness. The ramen brings you with the springy taste and the taste us unique and good. The texture is springy and good and I am awesomely good and special. Nice and yummy and you should come for this for sure.

Watermelon Sheret (RM 19)
Ends your meal with those lovely homemade sherbet which is well served with the cheese cake and pineapple preserve. This is such a perfect combination to ends our good meal of the day.

For those who are looking for a good decent meals in Ippudo Ramen, here you go to Ippudo with those variety of delights and tempting dishes.

Bangsar Shopping Centre, S135, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2011 6238

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