Lai Ching Yuen, Grand Millennium KL : “Eat All You Can Dim Sum at RM 78 nett”

Looking for premium dim sum with affordable price. Here you go where you can eat all you can here at Grand Millennium with their latest promotion of dim sum. The award winning restaurant – Lai Ching Yuen (荔晶园) which is famed for their porklicious meal, and also quality delicious dim sum. And now, Lai Ching Yuen comes up with their awesome promotion with All You can Eat Dim Sum Promotion where it is priced at RM 78 nett per pax

And in here, grab either the Steamed Dim Sum, Deep Fried Dim Sum, Porridge, Steam Rice Roll, Bake Dim Sum a or even their Dessert Selection. Each items in their menu are carefully selected bringing you the freshest ingredient from their kitchen to you and now we are going for our big feast of the day with their delicious dim sum.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling 
Enjoy their signature Steamed Prawn Dumpling with the pulpy juicy prawns in it. Thin dim sum skin served hot and bites is just marvelous. The bites of the prawns with the ooziness from the sweetness from the prawn is something worth to go for.

Steamed Siew Mai with Fish Roe
Enjoy the meaty dim sum which brings you with the delicate filling, with the well done minced pork and prawns together. Topped with the fish roe.

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Lard Meat 
Who will say no to this! The glutinous rice is well steamed till perfection and the delicate texture with the hint of lard. Oh my ! This is heavenly. The lard meat with the glutinous rice is indeed bringing a good match with the moist texture of rice.

Steamed Homemade Fish Ball

Steamed Chicken Feat with Black Pepper 
Asides from all this goodies, don’t miss the bouncy steamed homemade fish balls too, or even the steamed chicken feet with black pepper with give you a hint of spiciness in it. The fall of chicken meat is soft and the marination from the black pepper is well infused in it.

Steamed Spare Ribs with Yam & Garlic
Enjoy the tenderlicious spare ribs, with the yam and garlic in it. The garlic taste is not too overpowering but it brings a great hint of light spiciness to overcome the porky taste. Well done chef!

Steamed Barbecued Pork Bun
I love the barbecued pork bun too where you can taste the sticky, and sweet minced pork in it. The bun comes fluffy and thin while ingredients are pretty generous too.

Steamed Custard Bun with Egg Yolk
Oh my.. we are indeed loving it. I don’t mind getting my hand dirty enjoying this custard bun with egg yolk. The velvety ooziness of the creamy custard coming out with the aromatic taste of it.Perfect!

Steamed Sze Chuan Wanton
Love some kick of spiciness? Enjoy the steamed Sze Chuan Wanton. Wrapped with the huge prawns, wrapped till perfection and served with the pipping spicy sze chuan sauce. Love it or Hate it; is your call. But I am definitely loving this dish as I am a big fans of spiciness.


Steamed Bun With Chinese Sausage



Seafood Dumpling


Steamed turnips with dried shrimps

The others selection which is available in their selection includes the steamed bean roll with oyster sauce, steamed turnips with dried shrimps, traditional steamed cake, Seafood Dumpling with spinach and more.

Aside from those long list of steamed dim sum in their menu, they do have deep fried dim sum to try too.

Deep Fried Bean Curd Roll With Shrimps 
This is addictive. And it is always my favorite whenever I go for dim sum. The huge crunchy fried bean curd wrapped with the prawns brings us with the juicy in the inside while outside remains crispy and crunchy.

Dried Yam Puff
Cute presentation when it is served. The yam puff is well deep fried till golden brown leaving you with the crunchy bites at the skin while inside is soft. Nice one!

Deep Fried Sesame Ball with Lotus Paste
Addictively good. The sesame ball is well deep fried with the sesame and inside is the lotus paste. I love this so much, and I don’t mind getting few more. These are one of the good ones I had

Pan Fried Pork Dumpling with Chives
Nice delicious pork dumpling with chives (gyoza) comes with the crispy skin and juicy meat inside. Enjoy them with a dip of vinegar and thinly sliced ginger with it.


Porridge with century egg and lean pork 
Porridge with the Bonito Fish and peanuts

As for porridge, they have 2 types of porridge available in their buffet selection. Enjoy either with the century egg and lean pork or with the bonito fish and peanuts. The porridge comes simply velvety and good. Love the smooth texture of the porridge. As for me I love the Porridge with the Bonito Fish and peanuts as it brings some light saltiness with the fragrance of the bonito in it as well as the bites of peanuts.

Love Cheong Fun? Why not try their Steamed Rice Roll. Have them with the shrimp, barbecue pork or even with the preserved vegetables and meat. The steamed rice rolls with preserved vegetables catch my attention as it is my first time trying this. Pretty good.

Not enough? They have more delicious goodies to end your meals. Ends your meal with those delicious desserts such as Hot Barley with Gingko Nut, Chinese Pancake, Hot and Sweetened Cream of Red Bena with Tangarine Peel, Chilled Sea Coconut, and Chilled Cream of Yam with Gingko Nut and Sago.

So, what more! Quickly get your table with Lai Ching  Yuen and enjoy these delicious dim sum with your love ones and family not worrying burning your pockets.

Lai Ching Yuen (荔晶园)
Grand Millenium Hotel
160, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2117 4888
Opening Hours: 12.00 pm t0 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm.


  1. Betty liew says

    The dim sum look so tempting and variety of choices. But the price is too pricey for me. Thank you for sharing this.

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