Deliciously Good Longan Snow Fungus Desserts

I am a person who love sweet stuff and recently I had make my own tong sui. It is more tasty and aromatic compared to those which i bought outside

1. 1 piece of Snow Fungus
2. 1 cup of dried longan ( you can use 1/2 cup but i am a longan fans so i have them in 1 cup)
3. 1 lo han guo
4. 100 g of lotus seeds
5. 1/4 cup Rock Sugar
6. 1/4 cup of Winter Melon Sugar

1. Soak  the snow fungus around 20 minutes. Cut them into small pieces
2. Soak the lotus seeds in hot water around 20 minutes. Once the water cool down, remove the middle of seeds of the lotus seed as it makes them bitter.
3. Boiled the lo han kuo with 1 cup of rock sugar and also Winter Melon Sugar and Snow Fungus
4. Once it is boiled add in the lotus seeds in separate bowl to remove the greese. Once the lotus seed is boiled till slightly soft, filter them out and put in the main pot.
5. Add in longan and boiled.
6. Served either hot or you can put in the fridge.

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