Home is where love grows unconditionally and where the heart resides. With Hari Raya Aidilfitri quickly approaching, all of Malaysia are gearing up to celebrate community and love through the festivities. Hari Raya is the pinnacle of all celebrations in Malaysia, where we meet and enjoy family time, makan with friends and “beraya”. These festivities will only be complemented by a nice, clean and glamourous home.

However, with all the focus on Raya celebrations, people are asking themselves “how can I not spend too much this year?”. To answer that, 11street have come up with easy and inexpensive ways to add some flair to your home this Raya, all for below RM110.

Use gold, but not too much gold 
Gold is glamourous, rich, and elegant. It will give your home the touch of class that it craves. This Raya, do not hesitate to experiment with gold. It could change the dynamics of your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen or even your bathroom. To bring out the best in gold, pair it with some complementary colours, such as dark brown, beige or even black or white to create a hue that is striking.
Gold helps accentuate these colours and at the same time, it gives off a comprehensive brilliance. A great way to add a touch of class to your furniture or decorations is to subtly add gold stripes to your coffee table or paint your Hari Raya decorations an elegant hue of gold and green to give of a glamourous Raya feel. For only RM 106.00, a can of Krylon gold spray paint can turn any old shelf, chair or serving tray into a work of elegant art. But why stop there, you can even decorate the jars you keep your Raya cookies in.

Add accessories
Hari Raya is all about looking your best and dressing up when you visit your friends and relatives. So why not dress up your house for Raya? The best way to do that is to add curtains! Curtains are great decorations because it is both functional and they make your home look finished. However, curtains can be slightly expensive, but for only RM 69.00 per set, 11street features a classic Italian curtain set, a beautiful yet reasonably priced curtain set for all your decorative needs.
Another easy way to accessorise your home this Raya, is to add pillows. Not only does this transform your home looks but it also provides a nice and soft companion for your visiting relatives and friends.  A nice Chevron White and Gold Zigzag patterned pillow to compliment your home would be a nice way to add a finishing touch to your living room. For RM107.20, your home could provide a visitor with a seating companion while they munch on your Raya treats!

Add mirrors and change lighting
A bright home is a welcoming home. This Raya, swap out your dim lights for something more elegant and bright. Lighting can instantly make your home more inviting especially if merriments go in to the late night. Your living room is where you will find yourself celebrating with your visitors, so trade in those fluorescent lights for warm lights and watch your living room change! Lights should benefit overall feel of the house, to make it inviting and pleasant to all who visit. Stylise your home with some futuristic light designs for just RM 39.90!
In the same way, lightings make a room feel nicer and more elegant, mirrors can have a similar effect. You can group mirrors together, put them near your dining table, or even paste them on your walls to create an intricate design that will amaze your friends and family. Mirrors also help emphasise the glamour of celebration and add on to any decoration that’s already there. Find beautiful reflective mirror stars on 11street that are priced at only for RM 71.00. Design them the way you like it and you may find your home looking more refined than it used to.

Clean your home
With all the hype on decoration and making your home look elegant before Raya, the most important factor to address is a clean house. A tidy house is the epitome of elegance. It will converge on all the different elements that you’ve included in your home, the Raya decorations, the colours and the accessories, to give it an ultimate classy finish. It will accentuate all the little details, it will bring out the brightness of the lights and it will give off a comfortable feeling to your family and friends.
With all the ways that we have mentioned, 11street’s hope is that it will inspire you too add some glitz and glamour into your home this Raya. Enchant your friends with fresh finishes, decorative wall stickers, and a ton of pillows. 11street would like to wish all our consumers, Selamat Hari Raya!
For information on items sold on 11street that could help you spruce up your home, you may visit 11street (www.11street.my) for more details and information.

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