Sho Kushiage

A new kid on the board in Sunway Pyramid, Sho Kushiage Japanese Restaurant brings you with the Tonkatsu. The eatery located just opposite Cold Storage Supermarket brings is indeed a place to discover where they are famed for their Sakura Three Yuan Pork where they are coated with fresh bread crumbs, fry in 100% vegetable oil.
Sho Kushiage

The sakura Three Yuan Pork is using the special selected Premium Sakura Three Yuan Pork where the meat is soft, tender and juicy.

What is three yuan?
Three Yuan Pork means Ax(BxC), the most widely applied breeding program presently. A is a terminal sire, B is matrilineal male, C is matriarchal female, wherein A mostly Duroc, B mostly Landrace, C mainly large White. In many cases, BC can be interchanged with prery equisites these pigs are from abroad. In overseas, these pig farms can provide purebred or crossbred genetic quality and health status. It is known as pure system. Three Yuan Pig is also known as Duroc. By using the third generation pig in disease resistance and strong life force and the feed conversion rate is better, it is the best gene. With the ultimate aim is to choose the best and value for their customer. Besides that, the cutting process is certified by ISO9001. Cuttng work is done at the factory that provide guarentee for food safety and sanitary quality.

Sho Kushiage
Pork Cutlet with Sweet Sauce & Egg (RM19.90)
In here, they have 8 set meals which is reasonably priced within RM 19.90 to RM 36.90. We had the Pork Cutlet with Sweet Sauce & Egg is pretty good where the pork cutlet comes simply crispy at the outside while the inside remains moist and juicy. It is well paired with the sweet sauce and egg. Awesomely good.
Sho Kushiage
Premium Pork Chop Cutlet (RM32.90)
The Premium Pork Cutlet is deliciously done with the crispy bites of pork cutlet where inside remains meaty, tender and juicy. By using the fresh bread crumbs which is crushed daily instead of pre-deep fried bread crumbs, it make the dish wholesomely good and less oily too.

Sho Kushiage
The price included refillable Japanese Rice, shredded cabbage, side fish and miso soup. It is simply good and irrestible and we love the shredded cabbage which is freshly done with the complete crispiness. Enjoy them with their signature seame sauce which is so aromatic.

Aside from enjoy some Tonkatsu, you can also enjoy classic Japanese food and fusion tems such as small snacks, sushi roll, mini hot pot. sashimi, skewer and more.
Sho Kushiage
Goma Spinach RM5.90

Sho Kushiage

Grilled Sanma with Wasabi Sauce RM9.90

Sho Kushiage

Grilled Half Shell Scallop RM9.90

The Grilled Half Shell Scallop is awesomely good. I love the way it is prepared where the scallops complete with the seafood sweetness while topped with the creamy cheesy bites. Squeeze some lime on top to enhance the zesty taste of it.

Sho Kushiage

Tiger Prawn Skewer RM3.90/stick & Oyster Meat RM3.90/stick

For those who want some skewers, they have loads to go for such as prawns, Cheese BBQ Chicken Sausage, Oyster Meat, Egg Tofu, Boiled Scallop skewers. Everything is perfectly good and order them for a great munch while you are waiting for your main or even can enjoy with a pint of beer.
Sho Kushiage
Kimchi Soup Mini Hot Pot RM28.90

What’s more they have to offer? They do have some kimchi soup mini hot pot where it give you a twist of Korean flavours complets with the generous portion of vegetables, tofu and a plate of thinly sliced Sakura Three Yuan Pork.
Sho Kushiage
Crispy Mango Roll RM8.90

Sushi are also affordable here. The Mango Roll are pretty good where it is wrapped with the juicu salmon, mango paste and aslo the cutted cucumber. It is the being wrapped with the cornflakes with it.
Sho Kushiage
Avocado Unagi Cone RM5.90
This is simply cute and instagram-worthy. Using the ice cream one as the replacement for seaweed sheet. It is just like munching biscuit filled with Japanese rice, avocado and unagi. They also have some other flavours which includes Avocado Salmon Cones, California Cones, and Mango Prawn Cones.

Why not you visit their shop now and enjoy those delicious Tonkatsu here.

Sho Kushiage Sunway Pyramid (Opposite to Cold Storage)
LG2.28C & LG2.29,
Lower Ground Sunway Pyramid,
NO.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway 47500 Selangor.

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