Summer is approaching!  This July and August, be sure to plan enjoyable moments with your children and beloved family at Cafe, a one-stop shop featuring many fabulous offers filled with creativity, fun, taste and value! Here are a few highlights:


Joining forces with K11 Art Mall, we are proud to present our little guests with the “DESIGN LAB”, a design-theme art programme that is ideal for children between the ages of 4 and 9 years old.  Cafe guests will receive an exclusive discount for participating in the art class, taught by industry experts.  Seizure this summer and create the next little fashion designer, product designer or book designer in your family.  Upon completion of the modules, participants will obtain a certificate issued by the K11; by adding a premium, you may also get the design mass produced.  Come and get creative and get inspired!

Guests who are fond of lobster are in for a treat!  In additional to Cafe’s tantalising poached live lobster station, guests may feast on a tempting ice cream creation this summer – lobster and garlic butter ice cream coupe. Cafe will offer 30 pieces of special “upgraded edition” lobster and garlic butter ice cream coupe per week for guests who have “follow” our Instagram and participate in our Instagram game on every Monday and Tuesday.  Limit quantity while supply last, don’t miss out!

Cafe also offers a sumptuous list of interesting and tasty savoury ice cream coupes, available on a rotational basis during the dinner buffet.  Highlights include blue cheese with walnut and pear ice cream cake; Indian mango kulfi with pepper; avocado with wasabi and vanilla bean; brown butter and bacon; sweet corn and popcorn; and masala and white-chocolate strawberry.  A range of classic sweet ice cream coupes are also available, such as Mediterranean pistachio and yoghurt; green tea and red bean; Japanese yuzu and peach and more.

Guests may now enjoy a buy 3 get 1 free dinner buffet from Monday to Thursday with a selective credit card; and 15% discount on dinner buffet is also offered through different credit cards from six different banks and financial institutes.  Enjoy all these great offers and save more!

In addition to the above highlights, Cafe will also serve an impressive range of freshly made delicacies prepared at live cooking stations, including enticing grilled meat station.  Other offerings include sushi and sashimi, teppanyaki and tempura from the Japanese kitchen; a fine selection of fresh pastas and pizzas from the Western kitchen; authentic curries and fresh naan breads from the Indian kitchen; as well as an array of Western antipasti, salads, cold cuts and seafood on ice during the dinner buffet.

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