The name said all – Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen. Patrons enter this wood-accented eatery on Pavilion’s top floor for one reason, and one reason alone – Tonkatsu’s namesake dish. Situated on Level 6, the international dining floor of the award-winning Pavilion Kuala Lumpur shopping mall, the chosen location was both strategic and accessible to the locals and Japanese community.

Apart from the well-crafted menu, Tonkatsu’s speciality dishes such as the deep-fried pork cutlets are accentuated with the restaurant’s signature homemade sesame sauce.

During this Sakura Season, Tonkatsu By Wa Kitchen offers you their  Spring delights which is the Sakura Set.

Sakura Set (RM 43.80+)
The Sakura Set comes with a Hanami Box and a Wagashi Set, but you can have them  in  ala-carte too.

The Hanami Box (RM 35.80)

One can enjoy the  beautifully crafted sakura set which features the signature breaded prawn, asparagus wrapped in pork, onion rings, tori karaage and yaki tamago. It is served together with their seasonal steamed rice, spring vegetables, Japanese Salad and pickles. The awesome dish comes perfectly good  especially the rice and the asparagus wrapped with prawns which is simply juicy and moist with the complete crunchy bites.

Wagashi Set (RM 14.80+)
The wagashi sets comes with the option either Full Bloom Set or Sakura Tea Set.

Full Bloom Set
For those who are looking for a sweeter version of delights, you may enjoy the Full Bloom Set where it completes with the Sakura Mochi, Sakura Ice cream and fresh strawberry. Nicely done!

Sakura Tea Set
The Sakura Tea Set at the other end brings you the combination of sweet and savory combination.

Katsu Curry Zen (RM 36)
If you are those who love some curry, enjoy the lovely breaded pork loin cutlet which is well served with the Japanese Curry, tofu, pickled vegetables, pork vegetables miso soup and rice. The katsu is simply crispy  at the exterior while inside remains moist and juicy.
Lot No. : 6.12.00, Level 6
Pavillion, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144 2992
Email: [email protected]

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