When the temperature outside is a sweltering 40°C, taking a bite into a frozen creamy coffee with a crunchy cone sounds cool to you?

Malaysian coffee lovers are in for a sensual treat as Nestlé® Ice Cream introduces its all-new coffee ice cream flavour; Nestlé® DRUMSTICK® Caffè de Caramel!

Coffee flavour, made from the finest brew of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans drizzled in decadent Italian salted caramel sauce, its artisanal taste and aroma would delight even the strictest of connoisseurs. With roasted almond nuts from California, it offers maximum crunch in every bite before trailing down the chocolate sauce swirl and chocolate nugget to the crunchy tip of the cone.

“We Malaysians really love our coffee and Nestlé® Ice Cream is excited to treat our consumers to this interesting new flavour that is roasted, brewed and frozen to perfection,” said Ms. Yit Woon Lai, Business Executive Manager of Ice Cream Business Unit, Nestlé® (Malaysia) Berhad.

“More than just another ice cream treat, we believe that its combination of premium ingredients enhance the taste & textures that will offer a truly unique and multi-sensory experience for the palette,” she added.

Coffee craze has taken Malaysia by storm in the past few years, spawning both local and international franchises that has resulted in a plethora of coffee food, drinks and desserts. According to Yit, it presented a unique opportunity for Nestlé® Ice Cream to innovate and to bring continuous excitement to their consumers.

“There has never been a more exhilarating time for Nestlé® Ice Cream, while there are already so many coffee products in the market, we saw the potential appeal for an alternative frozen format amongst Malaysian youths who are always game for something new, edgy, and exciting. We strongly believe Nestlé® DRUMSTICK® Caffè de Caramel will be an instant hit,” she concluded.

Look out for the activities of the newly revealed Nestlé® DRUMSTICK® Caffè de Caramel. This include digital campaigns featuring a webfilm on YouTube and Facebook. To further strengthen this campaign, a fun and engaging roadshow will take place at universities as well as a special promotion will be carried out at PetrolMarts across Peninsular Malaysia to introduce Malaysians to the all-new Nestlé® DRUMSTICK® Caffè de Caramel.

Nestlé® DRUMSTICK® Caffè de Caramel is made available in stores nationwide at the price of RM2.90.

For more information on Nestlé®, visit Nestlé®’s website at or Nestlé® Malaysia’s Facebook page at

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