Tefal, the world’s leading cookware and small home appliances maker welcomes the Tefal ActiFry series latest member – ‘Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510’ to the local market. Known for its healthy, modern and practical cooking technology, the revolutionary healthy fryer brings greater features to ease up consumers’ lifestyles.

Compared to the other Tefal ActiFry models, the new Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510 saves greater energy and time while cooking the same amount of food. It serves as an ideal air fryer as it only requires minimal amount of oil, which encourages low-fat cooking. For an example, a kilogram of freshly cut fries cooks 25% faster while only requiring the same amount of oil usage. Besides, no additional oil is needed even when the food is frozen.

The new Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510 comes with an exclusive patented technology, the new heat pulse system and stirring paddle supports achieving the ideal food temperature electronically effortlessly, bringing out the best taste of each dish. This brings a better precision to reduce food temperature variations and allow faster cooking while avoiding heat loss.

Bringing greater convenience to consumers’ culinary moments, the Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510’s new feature of automated stirring assists users for a hands-free experience out of some hassle cooking procedures. Invented to be BPA-free (bisphenol A), the Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510 retains and preserves food flavours and aroma while cooking. It gets rid of unpleasant fried food smell and automatically stops when food is well cooked.

Moreover, the Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510 transparent lid provides visibility for those who want to observe their cooking without having the risk of boiled oil splashing on to them. It comes with an LCD interface and digital timer, the product allows consumers to plan cooking time wisely without having to hang around the vicinity all the time. In addition, a snacking grill feature is included in the Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510 to help sift off excess oil for a wholesome cooking experience.

A general dilemma faced in air fryers is that they are not ultimately flexible, in terms of frying up different types of dishes. Most air fryers are only suitable for dry, fresh and frozen goods. This is where the Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510 is more versatile compared to the rest – it is able to work with gravy-based recipes. Likewise, it comes with three different cooking modes for different types of food. Rather than just having an edge in mainly recipes, Tefal also has a mobile application for ActiFry users called My ActiFry packed with over 450 recipes to enjoy.

The Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510 will be available in main department stores at the retail price range of RM1, 225.48.

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