Whipping up delicious ‘Malaysianised’ pasta dishes just got easier with Malaysia’s first Asian flavoured pasta sauce pouch hitting the market. GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd, exclusive distributor of many leading FMCG brands has introduced a new home-grown product, Pastamate.

Pastamate is available in three lip-smacking localised variants of Curry Laksa Pasta Sauce, Tom Yum Pasta Sauce and Chicken Curry Pasta Sauce. The Pastamate Curry Laksa Pasta Sauce hits all the right notes as it manages to be both light and creamy at the same time. Pastamate Tom Yum Pasta Sauce is a treat, tantalising one’s taste buds with equal measures of spice and tart. Pastamate Chicken Curry Pasta Sauce is everything a good curry should be, spicy and tangy balanced with a hint of sweetness. All three delectable variants will have you and your family going back for more.

Developed with Malaysian families in mind, Pastamate’s pouch packaging promises wholesome pasta dishes with a Malaysian twist that can be prepared in record breaking time. Since Pastamate comes in convenient 200-gramme individual pouches, this makes it perfect for one-time use for a family meal.

Furthermore, the unique packaging process of each Pastamate pouch ensures the highest and best quality products for its consumers as there is no need for harmful preservatives and artificial colouring. Only the freshest ingredients are utilised to produce this range of halal-certified pasta sauces.

All you have to do is to simply dissolve the concentrated pack full of flavour with your choice of either coconut milk, water or broth, depending on the dish and your individual preference. Incorporate proteins and vegetables into your Pastamate dish for a well-balanced meal.

True to its name, Pastamate is best relished with 100% durum wheat pasta. San Remo Pasta is recommended for its superior quality. Moreover, whole wheat pasta is highly nutritious, helps curb hunger pangs and keeps you satisfied till your next meal. Pastamate recommends the pairing of its Curry Laksa Pasta Sauce with San Remo spaghetti, its Tom Yum Pasta Sauce with San Remo angel hair and its Chicken Curry Pasta Sauce with San Remo elbows.

Mohan Alagappar, General Manager of GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd said, “Through Pastamate, Malaysians can now enjoy the best of both worlds in the comfort of their homes; the familiar delicious flavours of Malaysia and the hearty goodness of healthy whole wheat pasta in easy-to-prepare, quick and wholesome localised meals”.

Pastamate is easily available at most major retail outlets as well as supermarkets nationwide at a recommended retail price of RM5.83 per pouch.

Pastamate is distributed exclusively in Malaysia by GBA Corporation Sdn Bhd. GBA currently manages many leading brands as a result of collaborations with business partners from around the world with many brand leaders in it specific categories.

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